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Wanted Social Kitchen's staff members!



Three years has passed since founding Social Kitchen in September, 2010. Since its conception, users and founding members of Social Kitchen have collectively sought to create a space where creative ideas and thought could be nurtured and practiced through diverse experiments in order to reconsider and shape new possibilities of living.

To learn more about Social Kitchen’s past activities, please see the following links.


In thinking about the future of Social Kitchen, we feel its potentialities as a convivial social and cultural center and that the existence of these social spaces, like one which we propose, is becoming increasingly necessary in the socio-political climate which we face today. 

For Social Kitchen to further expand and become activated as a space, we hope to work together with people who bring new ideas, skills and a lot of LOVE. If you are someone who can take initiative, present innovative/radial ideas and one or more of the following interests you, please contact us at info(at)

Enjoy eating food and parties
-  Take initiative in organizing projects related to the fields of agriculture, art, architecture, environmental concerns, food and many more using the facilities of Social Kitchen
-   Interest in the administration of Social Kitchen
-   Interest in the support and fostering of young artists
-   Possess web design/developing skills
-   Interest in both international and domestic politics and social issues
-   Work collaboratively in other fields

Social Kitchen: Now
Since April 2013, the organization has operated without paid staff and each member holds different roles integral to running and maintaining Social Kitchen whilst also taking part in other services to help finance Social Kitchen.

The benefits of becoming a member at Social Kitchen
-   Use the 2F space without a fee
-   Interact with people from diverse fields of practice and engage in innovative programs and events
-   Use the 3F shared office with other members of Social Kitchen

Roles The below roles will be assigned to members
-   Lead projects and activities
-   Management and organization of the space, café and office
-   Support and the fostering of Social Kitchen users
-   Advertising
-   Office administration and accounting
-   Financial management and administration
-   Others (crucial to running Social Kitchen)