MONO JAPAN 2017 出展者の言葉

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MONO JAPAN 2017 カタログ

MONO JAPAN 2017 Catalogue







What is important for us is the sensation aroused when the item and a person directly interact. Born from our curiosity and spirit of inquiry into material, our products have an unfinished texture. When making our products, we consciously leave a “margin” that enables artisans and users to make a gentle connection.


We want customers to experience our passion for craftsmanship, the smooth wooden surface made possible by the choice of material, and the gentle feel of the item, which make customers want to keep touching our products again and again. We hope to convey that there is a definite reason a product feels nice.

Through the filter of Japanese craftsmanship as well as SyuRo’s own, we cherish a sense of materiality as a part of everyday design that can also resonate with all the senses, enabling customers to enjoy how an item changes over the years.


Minimally and modestly designed, our items at first look like industrial products, but each one of them is carefully created by highly skilled artisans. We hope that visitors sense the presence of the items, complete with a gentle delicacy and feeling of tension in the simple design carefully made by hand.

(Extract from catalogue text)