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Lee Ufan: The Stone Hunter 


テキスト:Gianluca Ranzi

Chasing Resonances

This is the area of discourse in which Lee Ufan’s “Relatum” insist on placing themselves. Terms of dichotomies are pulled onto a single plane and made to dialog with one another in a quiet, private colloquy: the Iron Age and the Stone Age; industrial civilization and nature; the speeds of industry and the time it takes for water to shape a massive stone; human labor and the workings of the forces of nature; the physics of material bodies and the metaphors of art. These are works that discover their orientation in a philosophic model that shatters precisely that clear separation of nature from culture to which we referred above. They are works, in fact, in which objects and the whole of the cosmos are perceived to be endowed with a life of their own, nearly as subjects in their own right, like the shadow of Peter Pan, which in order to achieve its own autonomy rebelled against its owner, source and custodian. It’s in this way that the installations of Lee Ufan have discovered an antidote to the disenchanted and reified world of contemporary life, but not on terms of a flight from reality, or of wisely seeking refuge in an ivory tower. It can’t even be said that they find their explanation in a Romantic thirst for primordial sources of energy. Quite to the contrary, the work of Lee Ufan immerses itself in the currents of the present-day world and makes dialectic use of the features that specifically characterize it.
(Extract from catalogue text)
Text by Gianluca Ranzi