KYOTO Design Lab(D-lab):展覧会キャプション

KYOTO Design Lab(D-lab)  

2015年度京都工芸繊維大学大学院 建築学専攻・デザイン学専攻修士制作展キャプション

Kyoto Institute of Technology, Master's Program of Architecture and Design: 2015 Graduation Works Exhibition Captions



Photo ©Kanako Takimoto

Villa Le Lac is both an example of architectural heritage and a house. Yet today, there are no residents, only visitors. Though it continues to exist as a structure, no one sleeps and eats there. Does this mean the death Villa Le Lac?
  This book consists of Le Corbusier’s own writings (“Encountering Land” and “Love for Mother”) and three chapters (“1923,” “1938,” and “2023”) that transcend time. Each chapter has a very distinctive perspective, writing style, design layout, paper, and printing method, with a structure that enables readers visually and physically to experience how the house changed in each period. Through this, readers relive Villa Le Lac over the span of a century.


(Extract from exhibition captions)
Photo ©Kanako Takimoto