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Masahiro Kinoshita Exhibition - Optimized Architecture Captions



Photo ©Masaharu Okuda

A Form of Architecture that Corresponds to the Surrounding Environment
Though yelling loudly is integral to karate, students have to use this hall with its windows closed even during the summer so as to reduce noise pollution for the houses across the street. Furthermore, of the total volume of electricity available within the university, the hall is allowed to use only a small amount, meaning that relying on air conditioners is also not an option. This project was born out of these conditions. While developing a plan aiming to create an ideal training environment with minimal power usage, the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake struck. What started as an architectural project responding to specific given conditions all of a sudden turned into a project dealing with more universal issues. A comfortable environment could be created with the minimum facilities and equipment by changing the exterior of the architecture, aiming to bring out the innate power of architecture.


(Extract from exhibition captions)
Photo ©Masaharu Okuda