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Documentation of Hysteresis ジャーナル









Documentation of Hysteresis Journal
October 15th, 2010


Hills are gently formed and grass grows on the slopes. Mounds made with soil stand like islands. Placed at equal intervals, these “islands” are a perfect distance from each other to jump and hop between. Reading the environment in an abstract way, our predic-tions sometimes turn out wrong; things can disappear completely or transform into something else entirely. But we come to accept this as a part of the site.


It was awful during rainy season when it rained heavily. Standing only with an umbrella, the rain was so heavy that our bodies got totally soaked. Slipping countless times, we were covered in mud even before reaching the earthen pipes.


One of us gave it a first try. He jumped and landed heavily on an “island.” His knees took all of his weight, but he said the soil was so soft that the landing felt good. So we all started doing it, jump-ing from one “island” to another hysterically. As the islands were neatly positioned at equal distances, a certain rhythm developed in our physical movement. We rotated in mid-air and pulled off some dope gymnastic moves, making heavy thuds. In the end, the three of us were competing for speed. After becoming too hasty, we lost our rhythm, throwing us off balance and making our bodies un-steady.


(Extract from pamphlet text)