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ここから2 ― 障害・感覚・共生を考える8日間 展覧会テキスト

First steps toward disability, sensibility and coexistence Exhibition Text


Following the “First steps toward art, design and disability” exhibition organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in October 2016, this second edition, “First steps toward disability, sense and coexistence,” is held at the National Art Center, Tokyo. Based on the concept of exploring new ways of living, this exhibition aims to inspire visitors to make their first steps toward leading newly-aware lives. In addition to superb works of art by people with disabilities, the exhibition also presents examples of media arts with a focus on award-winning works from the Japan Media Arts Festival, which has been organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs since 1997. Consisting of three parts, this exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy artworks while also stimulating their bodies, senses, and sensibilities, in the hope of inspiring new ways of living.
(Extract from exhibition text)