Early Morning Musings By Keisuke Ozawa

Arts Initiative Tokyo (AIT)  
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「明け方の計略」展 冊子翻訳

Early Morning Musings Exhibition Publication





Photo:Yukiko Koshima

Bidding farewell to his familiar world and filled with conviction, David goes in pursuit of something of great significance as if guided by some invisible force, and comes to learn the workings of the world. It was so suspenseful that I remember feeling breathless as I read it. Fragile yet full of courage, his character somehow seemed to mirror that of the young artists included in this exhibition. I couldn’t help thinking that their act of stepping forward despite an uncertain future conveys a certain message today. People have come to view the world as something built from or optimized by big data (is there even now a world outside big data?), and seem to live according to a calendar established for the spectacular event happening in 2020—the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. In such an age, it seems that nothing is unpredictable and everything is controlled. If artists do not bear the burden of confronting uncertainty that is disappearing from the world, then who will?


Keisuke Ozawa (art to)

(Extract from document book)


Photo:Yukiko Koshima