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Hiromi Miyakita  
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Treating my body as a “thing,” I stand there. While this is the territory I have pursued tirelessly, since I started engaging with visual art, I was surprised to notice that treating the body as an object is not difficult for the visual artist. Like drawing a still life, the visual artist is able to perceive both an apple and human body as belonging to the same category. It almost feels like finding that thing for which you had been searching for so long in the garden of your next-door neighbor.


By leaving the body just the way it is, leaving it in flux without controlling it, all the senses are sharpened, including sight, hearing, and touch. Rather than choreographing or creating movement, my goal is for viewers to experience what my body perceives, such as the size of a space as well as invisible fluctuations in the air. I seek out ways in which my body becomes a medium for this experience, even though I will never be able to see myself dancing.

(Extract from catalogue text)


Text: Hiromi Miyakita