Camden Arts Centre × AIT 『回る世界の静止点で』冊子翻訳

Arts Initiative Tokyo (AIT)  
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At the still point of the turning world...






Form is emptiness. Emptiness is Form.
The ceramic vessel is one of the earliest cultural forms whose functional relevance is no less current today – an archetype whose material and formal primacy connects it to the body which it often signifies and towards which it exists in servitude. The tension between seemingly inanimate objects (the ceramic pot) and fugitive yet perpetually reiterated movement (dance) is made visible in the potters’ wheel which, like dance itself, uses repetitive movement (the eternal movement of a spinning circle) and deliberate gesture to create expression. Movement here does not imply displacement, but a sense of becoming which happens on the spot, much like the whirling dervishes – one of the sacred dance movements identified by Gurdjieff, as conveying truths embedded in postures and gestures through generations.

Gina Buenfeld, Camden Arts Centre (CAC)
(Extract from brochure text)