“Discordant Harmony” Curatorial Statement

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「ふぞろいなハーモニー(Discordant Harmony)」展では、中国、韓国、日本、台湾の東アジア数カ国に存在する、近年の力関係や歴史的なもつれを認め、また理解するために、上述の思想的条件を第一の前提として取り上げています。本プロジェクトは、アジアが統一された共同体であるという、広く普及している思い込みと、表面的な誤解を動揺させることを目的としています。また、ニュアンスを含んだ考察の中で、アーティストや作品によって提示される問いより、この旅を出発させたいと考えます。そして、その旅の間、アジアを複数のレンズと視点から理解しようと試みるのです。

Despite the geographical proximity and historic connections among various countries in Asia, the relevance of the idea of Asia changes with the power positions of different nations in the region, their own perception of their weight in the region, and their geopolitical ambitions. Asia is thus not a geographical concept, but a political hypothesis and construct. Based on their political imaginations, different nations and their leaderships have their own projections and expectations for Asia that find expression in military, diplomatic and cultural terms. Even under the aspect of culture, the differences among Asian countries can best be defined not by the notion of nations, but by their different historical paths and transitions in, for example, military matters, trade, religion, philosophy and so on. Each country freely formulates and constantly re-invents and articulates its perceived significance within this region.


“Discordant Harmony” takes such ideological conditions as its primary premise in order to discern and understand the current power relationships and historical entanglements among several East Asian countries such as China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. This project aims at unsettling some of the prevalent assumptions and superficial misperceptions of Asia as a unified community. In nuanced reflections and by the questions posed by the artists and their works, we hope to embark on a journey during which we try to understand Asia through multiple lenses and perspectives.

(Extract from the project’s curatorial statement)