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3F Office

Social Kitchen Office (3F) houses one designer, two programmers, and one group.



Our is a group in a vague sense that rejects any definition. It does not have fixed members. Nor does it have a head or center. OUR organizes exhibitions, parties, critiques, picnics, and lectures based on the interests of members.

SDL(Shimomoto Design Lab)

SDL is the office of Yoshimitsu Shimomoto, who works in a wide rage of design-related fields, such as graphics, web design, and product design.

Kaoru Matsumoto

Kaoru works as a freelance web programmer.

Yuko Kozawa

WEB/DTP designer. Yuko does web design, and creates CMS, as well as paper-based projects.

hanare design office

hanare design office does anything related to designing. While it concentrates on delivering hanare’s ideas, it also helps others (NPO, artists, activists, small shop owners, art institutions) to get their messages out.