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  • Opening hours: 11:30 - 17:00 (Last order 16:00)
  • Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

We do open until 22:00 if there are a party, dinner reservation, meeting, event etc..

From a big party to small dinner party, Social Kitchen Cafe can be used for various occations. We are looking forward to cooking you tasty, seasonable food!

※If there is any change in the opening hours/days, we will announce it here.

Community Cafe

As the heart of Social Kitchen, Social Kitchen cafe' wishes to be a place where people gather and engages in conversations with convivial atmosphere. Social Kitchen cafe' provides healthy and tasty food with fair prices while following practices that will improve the conditions related to food and farming, such as organic farming, local economy, at both local and global level. The cafe' can be used for many different events.

Social Kitchen cafe'

  • uses ingredients that are not harmful to the environment or our bodies
  • uses ingredients produced in Kyoto and its surrounding areas as much as possible.
  • values our relationship with local, small farmers and retailers.
  • tries to reduce an amount of waste as much as possible

Community Cafe


[Soft drinks]

  • Coffee Cafe' au lait
  • Chai
  • Home-made ginger ale
  • Home-made lemonade


  • Beer
  • Wine(red・while)
  • Sangrl'a
  • Home made plum wine
  • Sake


  • Selected Otsumami dishes
  • Seasonable vegetables with bagna ca'uda sauce
  • Hummus, seasonable vegetable, and pita bread
  • Slices of boiled pork and leaf vegetables
  • Hesiko and bowl of rice
  • We are happy to offer party and catering services. Please contact us

Not Pillar Books

Not Pillar Books is a self-claimed bookstore that goes and sells books at unconventional places. Its selection includes unique and provocative zines as well as art books.

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Not Pillar Books