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Working group #1 "earthquake/nuclear power plant disasters"


We at the Social Kitchen are currently launching a "working group (WG)". By "working group" we mean a group where members gather to discuss different subjects, come up with ideas and plans, and put them into practice. This group won't just plan one-off events but rather the members will meet on a weekly or fortnightly basis and, over the course of a year, steadily continue working on activities . Members will be under no obligation to participate and will be able to leave the group at any stage. Staff members of the Social Kitchen and its specialist supporters will offer advice and guidance from the sidelines.

From the very beginning, Social Kitchen was intended to be a place where people could gather freely and share their ideas. Those who use the Social Kitchen would also be able to interact and influence each other, at the same time giving voice to wonderfully complex, socially-responsible ideas. It is with this goal in mind that we think of the Social Kitchen as a kind of cultural and social community center for the 21st century.

Working group #1 "earthquake/nuclear power plant disasters"

The working group will discuss what practical things can be done to help the situation resulting from the Tohoku earthquake and the nuclear power plant accident. First the WG will research what actions might be effectively carried out to help the current situation. Second, they will start working on these plans. In the following year, they will hold talks, symposiums and exhibitions in order to review the outcome of their actions.
The list of possible themes given below is by no means final. (We'd like to clarify however that Social Kitchen maintains a firmly anti-nuclear stance )

Possible Topics:
• Gathering useful information for earthquake victims/ evacuees
• Gathering and shipping supplies for earthquake victims/ evacuees
• Working with the agricultural group to grow and ship vegetables
• Developing ideas to improve life in evacuation centers
• Holding fundraising charity events
• Organizing anti-nuclear demonstrations
• Having alternative energy researchers give talks
• Working with researchers to come up with new ideas on alternative energy
• Holding meetings about the rebuilding of Japan and how to implement new ideas

■ Program: Discuss ideas as a group and decide on the frequency of meetings and activities.
■ Period of WG: 1 year
■ Venues: Social Kitchen and other places
■ Requirements to participate: No particular requirements. Those who would like to do something to help with earthquake damage and the nuclear power plant accident are welcome. Also welcome are people who are interested in, or have some knowledge of, alternative energy.
■ How to participate: We will have our 1st meeting on May 13. Email info(at) to participate.

The model for the Working Group is the structure of a German art center called NGBK. Even though it is an art center, they don't have any full-time curators. The members of NGBK conceive and organize art exhibitions a few times a year. Each year 4 or 5 groups conduct research and hold meetings with the intention of curating art exhibitions in the following year. Specialists (for example art historians and critics) and art center staff act in an advisory capacity.

English Text Translated by Takaaki Yamane and Sandra Stevens