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須川 咲子/Sakiko Sugawa

「hanare」の運営メンバー。“hanare x Social Kitchen Translation” という翻訳事業のディレクションをしながら、世界各地で政治問題を扱うプロジェクトを実施している。毎日の暮らしの中で見たこと、考えたこと等をアップしていきます。

Sakiko Sugawa is a founding member of "hanare." Sakiko runs “hanare x Social Kitchen Translation” as a director while initiating a number of politically charged projects around the world. This diary records her everyday life.

Viva Ginger Ale


Homemade Ginger Ale

This summer I have been making and drinking ginger ale madly, mainly with hope that drinking this would prevents me from getting sick, and it works!
It's pretty easy.

Ingredients: chunk of ginger, cane sugar, fresh organice lemon/organic lemon juice, 1-2 stick of cinnamon, clove

1. Grade ginger
2. Put ginger and everything else in a pot and add water
3. Stir and taste, and add above ingredients to adjust taste
4. Boil for about 20 min, and let it cool.
5. Keep it in Refrigerator, it can last about 1 week.

I drink this with sparkling water or beer.


Stories continued: Interview from Saber Kushour


From Guardian NP
Kushour's conviction has transfixed Israel. Some see echoes of a primeval - and racist - instinct to protect "our" women against outside marauders. Others are outraged at what they see as a blatant injustice, pointing to a backdrop of widespread, systematic and - some say - growing discrimination against Arabs who make up 20% of Israel's population.

"This is a most amazing decision by the court," says Tamar Hermann of the Israel Democracy Institute. "Deception is one thing - but to be convicted of rape?" It has, she says, "struck a sensitive chord in the Israeli mainstream of Arabs pretending to be Jews."

The issue of identity is paramount in a land where both communities regard each other with suspicion and hostility.

Yuval Yonay, a sociology professor at Haifa University, in one of Israel's few mixed cities, says Kushour's behaviour "might be improper but it is not rape".

He says that in 16 years of teaching at a university where 20-25% of the student population is Arab, he has "never even heard of a mixed relationship". Discrimination against Arabs is, he says, evident at all levels.


Obama, please get out of the peace process, please.


Unless the US stops pretending that it can play a neutral role in the negotiation process between Israel and Palestine, the occupation will never end, and peace will never come to exist.

I think


What we desperately need for future community/ dialogical art projects is not those who learn management and fundrasing skills, but who learn international/local politics and international/local economy, religion, and phillosophy、no?