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Ministry of Information

Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor makes things happen and watches people in New York City and Budapest. Founding member of the Open University and of Think Tank X, artist and situation-maker, she teaches anthropology at Hunter College and Cooper Union in New York.

Ministry of Information] vol.17



This video shouldn't be missed:

It pertains to my previous posts on urban communication (October 14, , 2009) and on bike lanes in NYC (July 12, 2008). A friend of mine working for the city as a judge told me that she's recently felt pressure from colleagues when she has overridden tickets that appeared unfounded. She told me that given the city's strategy to increase revenue from ticketing--you know, all those tickets we've been getting for riding our bikes on sidewalks even where road conditions are unacceptable--is paying their salaries, her colleagues were suggesting that they'd just better keep on keeping on, After all, they don't want to end up on the unemployment rolls (we're hovering around 10% here at the cracking center of the Empire, while China is facing a labor shortage).

Mary Taylor