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Ministry of Information

Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor makes things happen and watches people in New York City and Budapest. Founding member of the Open University and of Think Tank X, artist and situation-maker, she teaches anthropology at Hunter College and Cooper Union in New York.

[Ministry of Information] vol.10



Workshop- Trash bags: one cat's trash is another cat's treasure

University of Trash
Sculpture Center 44-19 Purves Street Long Island City, New York 11101

Monday June 15th, 3:30-5:30 PM

Mary Taylor and Sophie Statzel

We will
facilitate the making of bags-large
and small out of scrap materials. We will provide some materials and
encourage workshop participants to bring additional materials.  (We
will bring
a sewing machine).

Recommended materials for participants to bring: old pants, old velvet dresses, belts, old bags, scraps of fabric, shopping bags, leather, old slips, scarves.

Inspired by the revolutionary practice of "reading" in Cuban cigar factories,
the workshop will have a reader who will read short stories from
Italo Calvino, Octavia Butler, James Baldwin, Jorge Luis Borges, Ivan Illich and Vladimir Nabokov at
the request of participants.


Mary Taylor