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Event Sunday Brunch vol.02

  • Date&Time: April 7th, 2013

After successfully running the very first Sunday Brunch, we are hosting the soco...


Event 0 yen School in Kyoto: Kyoto Job Fair By Kyohei Sakaguchi

  • Date&Time: 2010.12.12

His name is Kyohei Sakaguchi. He has published books, "0 yen House," "Tokyo 0 ye...


Event Yoshimitsu Higa: His photography, films and voice

  • Date&Time: 2010.10.28(Thurs)

What are the images that represent Okinawa? News videos showing Okinawa's freque...


Event Kitchen Music: marihiko hara, Polar M, W solo live

  • Date&Time: 2010.10.24

■Live: marihiko hara >>> Polar M >>> http://ww...


Event Writing Workshop

  • Date&Time: 2010. 9.18、10.2、23、11.6

This workshop offers a chance to those who want to give their ideas and thoughts...


Event OUR dialogue#1: Potentials of fiction in the post-modernism era

  • Date&Time: 2010.9.4 (Sat.)

OUR dialogue#1 "Potentials of fiction in the post-modernism era" ■Hosted byOUR...


Event Presentation by Nadav Harel

  • Date&Time: 2010.1.25 (Mon)

Nadav is staying at "hanarerad," run by rad and hanare from January 14th to 31st...