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Lecture State Secrecy Law Study Group - 'Himitsu No Himitsu' Session One: 'The Secret of the Law'

Uncover the threat and secret behind the State Secrecy Law!

In early December last year, the controversial State Secrecy Law was passed through the Diet under the pretense of strengthening national security. The proposed law has been largely met with public outcry and numerous groups have continued to stage demonstrations nationwide to protest the illiberal secrecy law that has threatened to violate the constitutional "right to know" and freedom of speech and press, both of which are guaranteed in the Japanese constitution.


Not only is the law a dangerous threat to democracy, the government rushed the bill through parliament with such brute force in a way that was unprecedented of a liberal democratic state. Their disregard of public interest was a display of the government's new dictatorial stance, potentially representing a backward turn to the repressive regime of pre-war Japan.


What if the passing of this law threatens to dangerously alter Japanese society?


The study group, 'Himitsu No Himitsu' is a gathering of concerned citizens fearing the threat of this new proposed law.


What are the hidden secrets behind the secrecy law? How would it impact the quality of our lives and what are the implications in our society?


These are questions we would like to probe through various angles such as lectures, discussions and workshops. 

We also intend to create our own media platform to distribute the knowledge produced in the study sessions, and we hope that we can take action in solidarity with various other movements working towards revoking the bill.


Through these study sessions, we would like to take action by questioning ourselves individually, what kind of society do we want to live in and what can we do to achieve it?




Session One

'The Secret of the Law'


■Lecturer: Shinji Ogasawara

■Date: Friday 18th April

■Time: 19:00~



This is a tremendously dangerous law. False information could circulate and this will potentially transform society altogether. Under the law, any information deemed politically inconvenient will be withheld from public access. Anyone who opposes against the law and attempts to seek or leak state secrets can be prosecuted and jailed. In this study session, we will read the secrecy bill in detail and explain the dangers of the law.


小笠原伸児 (Shinji Ogasawara)

Registered as a lawyer in 1991, joined the Kyoto Law Firm. Main areas of expertise include law and peace-related legal matters. Is actively engaged in social issues. Chairperson of the Ninth Article Kyoto Association and Kyoto Lawyers' Anti-Secrecy Law Association


■Fee: 500 yen (includes fees for materials)

*We would greatly appreciate it if you could donate 1000 yen to help fund and support Himitsu No Himitsu's future activities.

*If you are financially troubled, please discuss with us other forms of exchange.


■No reservations needed.






[Future Study Sessions]

Session Two: Friday 30th May *Content Unconfirmed

Session Three: Friday 27th June *Content Unconfirmed

Session Four: Friday 25th July

'Secrecy and Freedom of Expression in Pre/During/Post-War'

Lecturer: Matthew Larking (Faculty of Global and Regional Studies Department of Global and Regional Studies at Doshisha University, Kyoto)


 Future sessions will be held on the fourth Friday of every month from 19:00.

*Please be aware scheduling and content may be subject to change.




[About Himitsu No Himitsu]

This study group is a gathering of individuals concerned with the threat of the State Secrecy Law. We are looking for new members to join the group so if you support our views and/or you would like to be a presenter/initiate a project, please contact us at or alternatively, speak with one of the running members of the group at any of the study sessions.

*We are also intending to create our own media platform online to distribute the information from each study sessions. If you possess film and editing skills and you would like to take part in our project, please contact us.



  • Instructor:Shinji Ogasawara
  • Date:Friday 18th April
  • Time:19:00~
  • Charge:¥500 (Includes fees for materials) *If you are financially troubled, please discuss with us other forms of exchange.