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Mr. X knows a lot of “good trees.”
“Good trees” for Mr. X means the trees that a lot of insects dwell underneath.
Since long before the development began, Mr. X has always taken care of the “good trees.”
These good trees are not on the map.

The trees hyslom have played with have been already cut down or buried.
hyslom cut out one of the trees by themselves.
They repeat a process of adapting the tree to their bodies, and their bodies to the tree.
hyslom create a “good tree” full of their physical memories.
And a “good landscape” too.

This exhibition is hyslom’s response to Mr. X.

About OYE!
In October 2012, a new project called One Year of Exploration (OYE!) was launched at Social Kitchen. hyslom was chosen to lead the first edition of OYE! (2012-2013). For their project, Memo for Mr./Ms. X, they are holding exhibitions, screenings, research presentations, and performances at Social Kitchen. For mroe information, please go to OYE!'s project page.

1.  2012.10.26-10.27 [Screenings and research presentations]
Screening of “Documentation of Hysteresis,” a video project, with different versions being shown each day. hyslom also present the results of their research on the people they have met through this project (Mr. Insect, Mr. Hunter, Mr. Security), examining their livelihoods, skills, personalities, and behavior.

2. 2012.12.14-12.15 [Sound Performance party]
The theme of this event will be materials. hyslom will bring a variety of objects they have found during their explorations and collaborate with attendees, using these objects to produce sound together.

3.  2013.3.14-3.24 [Exhibition: Big-One Pipe]
Big-One Pipe, the giant musical instrument sculpture, consisting of a 4.8-meter-long, 1.5-meter-wide cylinder with dozens of springs attached to it. 
Big-One Pipe is conceived from a series of encounters with nature, whose form is constantly being changed by humans; man-made objects at the construction site, which are being produced at an astonishing speed; and people with various relationships to the area, who were there before the development began.

4. 2013.8.3, 2013.9.07 [Homing Pigeon Workshop]
The workshop lets participants to experience homing pigeon with hyslom as well as a master of homing pigeon, hyslom’s landlord.

hyslom (Itaru Kato, Fuminori Hoshino, Yu Yoshida)
hyslom usually conducts long-term anthropological field research on specific locations, people, and objects. Since 2009, hyslom has been periodically exploring a field, now a massive housing land development site with a focus on physically experiencing this changing environment with their bodies. In addition to documenting the process through video and photography, they are experimenting with an array of other methods, including diary-writing, sketching, sculpture, performance, and acting out the roles of the people they have met in the field. hyslom aims to discover and reveal different layers of histories and characteristics of the site that will eventually be buried when the development is completed. hyslom has held exhibitions and performances at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) and Kyoto Seika Daigaku, among others. In 2012 at the 6th AAC Sound Performance Dojo they were awarded the top prize for their piece.
Video essay:

  • Instructor:
  • Date:November 29th - December 21 *Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
  • Time:12:00-20:00 (The exhibition is open until 5pm on Dec. 21st)
  • Charge:Free