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Social Kitchen 3rd year Anniversary Party!



Thanks to our friends, supporters, neighbors, comrades, Social Kitchen is going to celebrate its 3rd year anniversary. Given the financial crisis and other pressing issues we have confronted, it's a miracle that Social Kitchen is still open.

Amazing artists, musicians, and performers will join us for the day of celebration.

Dress up, bring friends/lovers/kids/parents/drinks/good vibe and let's all smile and enjoy the party!


■Guest Chef: Haco

Akio Suzuki + Hiromi Miyakita
The Orthdoxx(ex. GTSVL)
…and more
Bunkyu Coffee

  • Instructor:
  • Date:September 15th, 2013
  • Time:14:00 -19:00
  • Charge:1,500 yen (food included)