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Exhibition "Kyoto City Mayoral Election" Exhibition


The Kyoto-city mayoral election is to be held on February 5th, 2012. This election takes place once every 4 years and is equivalent to a presidential election, given that the city's mayor has much more power than the people would think, and because this has a major impact on people's lives.

Who are you voting for? What issues are important to you? It's hard to decide who we should vote for unless we know about the candidates' policy platforms as well as the current state of the city itself.

With this in mind, this exhibition will inform audiences as to the current state of Kyoto City while creating an opportunity to understand both candidates' policies. What exactly are the issues in this election? What do voters need to know? "Kyoto City Mayoral Election" hopes to convey critical issues to voters in a clear way and set up opportunities to discuss how citizens are involved in the making of the city, and the meaning of democracy itself.

*During the exhibition period related events will be organized. Please check for more details

■Conceived by: Social kitchen Working Group① 311 earthquake / nuclear incident.
This working group is a loose collective of citizens, formed after last year's 3.11 earthquake and nuclear incident. The exhibition planned by the group is not intended to support a specific candidate. Rather it is an experimental attempt by concerned citizens who have decided not to sit by while critical issues related to the city's present and future are being decided.

  • Instructor:
  • Date:2012.1.22 (Sun)〜2.5 (Sun)
  • Time:13:00‒21:00
  • Charge:Free