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Exhibition Photography Exhibition: Yusuke Nishimitsu

  • Date&Time: 2011.6.25(Sat.) - 7.16(Sat.)

Photography Exhibition: Yusuke Nishimitsu: "I forgot but I can see. I remember b...


Exhibition Ceramics exhibition by Haruka Akiyama and Aya Noda

  • Date&Time: 2011.6.15(Wed) - 19(Sun)

Akiyama's works are ceramic objects comprised of ceramic surfaces geometrically...


Workshop Lectures and Workshops on Farming vol.7

  • Date&Time: 2011.6.12 (Sun)

This lecture/workshop/dinner party series' aim is to learn from farmers, truly ...


Live Karappo Ponpokorin vol2.

  • Date&Time: 2011.6.10 (Fri)

Hiromi Miyakita (Performance) and Akio Suzuki (Sound Artist) simply experiment w...


Discussion Kitchen University "Publicness in Contemporary Art and Social Movements"

  • Date&Time: 2011.6.9 (Thursday)

In recent years, the number of locally held art projects and art festivals in Ja...