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Workshop Lectures and Workshops on Farming

  • Date&Time: 2010. 11.14 (Sun.), 2011.1.23 (Sun.), 2011.2.27 (Sun), 2011.3.20 (Sun)

This lecture/workshop/dinner party series' aim is to learn from farmers, truly ...


Cooking one dish, one meal a day

  • Date&Time: 2011.2.26 (Sat)

By cooking simple daily food together, this cooking class hopes to share practic...


Discussion Kitchen University: Publicness in Contemporary Art and Social Movements

  • Date&Time: 2011.2.25 (Friday)

  In recent years, the number of locally held art projects and art festivals i...


Discussion MAC, hanare, and The Nursery School Movement

  • Date&Time: 2011.2.24 (Thurs.)

In Japan the number of "mini-cultural facilities" has been increasing. They are ...


Discussion Session on the Reconstruction of Kyoto Kaikan

  • Date&Time: 2011.2.23

"The Kyoto Performing Arts Study Group Looking toward 2020" is a voluntary group...


Discussion Cities and Poverty, Reflections on [Planet of Slums]

  • Date&Time: 2011.2.19 (Sat)

Sometime in the next year or two, a woman will give birth in the Lagos slum of A...


Consulting Debt Consulting

  • Date&Time: 2011.2.9 (Wed.)

On every second Wednesday, Social Kitchen hosts a debt consulting session, free ...