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Discussion Social Kitchen Open Meeting!

  • Date&Time: 2010.12.26 (Sun)

This will be an opportunity to examine what have happened at this newly opened ...


Discussion OUR dialogue #3 Theatrical Arts of the Present

  • Date&Time: 2010.12.19.(Sun)

Our dialogue #3 welcomes Yusuke Hashimoto, program director of Kyoto Experiment,...


Event 0 yen School in Kyoto: Kyoto Job Fair By Kyohei Sakaguchi

  • Date&Time: 2010.12.12

His name is Kyohei Sakaguchi. He has published books, "0 yen House," "Tokyo 0 ye...


Discussion Iwaijima- how to protect the abundance of natural resources

  • Date&Time: 2010.12.11(Sat)

Amacho on Oki island, Shimane Prefecture and Iwaishima Island in Yamaguchi Prefe...


Consulting Debt Consulting

  • Date&Time: 2010.12.8 (Wed.)

On every second Wednesday, Social Kitchen hosts a debt consulting session, free ...


Exhibition solo exhibition: the cat's sleeping pattern

  • Date&Time: 2010.12.4-12.9

Kimura carves the form of the dog, the cat and human figure with wood and some ...


Discussion Kitchen University: Study Group, Publicness in Contemporary Art and Social Movements vol.6

  • Date&Time: 2010.12.1 (Wed)