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Workshop Kitchen University: Getting started Gardening

  • Date&Time: 2010年11.14. (Sun)

"If you do it right, vegetable will grow, no problem! " Itokawa-san once said to...


Discussion OUR discussion #1: Renewing Kyoto's cultural policies

  • Date&Time: 2010.11.14 (Sun)

Our discussion is an gathering where participants discuss many different issues....


Workshop Kitchen University: Cooking Workshop

  • Date&Time: 2010.11.13 (Sat)

"one dish, one meal a day" 【Menu: 11.13 】 +Orecchiette al pesto rosso +Mushroom ...


Consulting Debt Consulting

  • Date&Time: 2010.11.10 (Wed.)

On every second Wednesday, Social Kitchen hosts a debt consulting session, free ...


Discussion Kitchen University: Study Group, Publicness in Contemporary Art and Social Movements vol.4

  • Date&Time: 2010.11.10. (Wed.)



Discussion Open Meeting: Discussing two contemporary dance festivals with the directors.

  • Date&Time: 2010.11.9 (Tues)

Directors: Mari Kita Pijin Neji http://www.geo...