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展示は102cm x 154cmのカラープリントで構成されており、アーティストが記録することを許された二つの要素、空前のスケールで能動的に消えゆく世界と、空間を作り上げているありふれた日常的要素からの奇妙な美しさという視点を見ることができる。


In 2015, Steven Seidenberg embarked on a photography-based exploration of the tape used in Tokyo subway stations to provide direction for passengers, mark borders, indicate areas of caution, and instruct construction crews. 

Seidenberg's photographs bring forward the idiosyncrasies and creativity employed in the application of these marks, using the limits of each photograph to compose a painterly rendering of geographic minimalism, a previously undocumented landscape at the base of the visual field. This landscape functions like all others, decaying, fading, drifting from form to form beneath and beyond the constraints of original intent and purposeful design. 

The exhibition consists of 102cm x 154cm color prints, allowing the artist to document at unprecedented scale a world that is actively disappearing, constructing an uncanny aesthetic perspective from these otherwise quotidian elements of the built environment.

  • 講師:
  • 日程:2016年7月29日(金)〜2016年8月12日(金)
  • 時間:12:00〜20:00
  • 料金:無料
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