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展覧会 Tip Top: A Solo Exhibition by Serena Caffrey  キャフリー・セレナ 初個展



Tip Top: A Solo Exhibition by Serena Caffrey  

キャフリー・セレナ 初個展


I am close to the flesh, right on the surface of things (so that the space between us feels closer). If I could just get up under the space of something, like a back porch or a turtle’s shell, then maybe I would feel secure.

 Tip Top is a work of anxiety, sensitivity, and linguistic paralysis, which attempts to carve a space of refuge for the lonely and laden traveler.


Serena Caffrey/Profile

Serena Caffrey is a junior at Bard College in upstate New York, where she began studying under master printmaker Lothar Osterburg. She is currently learning water-based woodblock techniques on a semester-long foreign exchange program through Kyoto Seika University. With interests in poetics and dance, her work operates intuitively and often in conjunction with language. Her use of printed materials serves as a device for mark making (as opposed to the creation of a single and fixed image). Through post-print additions of collage, painting, and text, she investigates how the same visual elements, like words, can be rearranged and distorted to create phrases of vastly different meanings.






11:30~21:00 (最後日26日は16:00まで)





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  • 日程:2014年12月21日(日)〜12月26日(金)
  • 時間:11:30〜21:00
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