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音楽 磯端伸一 ギターソロ「音楽、イメージをモチーフとした即興と作曲の狭間に...」


美的抽象空間の共有を目指すライフワークとしてのseries "EXISTENCE" 、他分野のアーティストとのコラボレーション、即興演奏や作曲にとどまらず独自の音楽世界を作り上げていく。京都ではまれなこの機会に、ソロ演奏をぜひお聴きください。


磯端伸一 :



1996年から始めたseries "EXISTENCE" は、他分野のアーティストとのコラボレーションを含むライフワークであり、時空の美的共有を目指し現在も継続されている。


Shin'ichi Isohata :

He was born in 1962 in Osaka, began to play a guitar from 12 years old, and soon got interested in the harmony and ad-lib of jazz, then began to study them and guitar technique by self-education.

He studied modern jazz theory and fretless guitar technique under Tim Donahue during 1982-'85. After that He studied under Masayuki Takayanagi during 1985-'91, He corrected the foundation of the technique of a guitar thoroughly in Takayanagi's private school, and learned his aesthetics and philosophy of music a lot . Isohata was one of Takayanagi's last few students. He lives in Hyogo since 1994.

His musical activities have many variations, and he has a lot of experiences as costarring with many wonderful musicians. His guitar music consists of Images that are created from the perception, and his original theoretical structure. His music has so delicate calm sound, clear tone, and a Japan beauty. His lifework, series"EXISTENCE" was started from 1996. It aims at sharing of esthetic space with artists of other fields, also it will be continued throughout his life.

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  • 日程:2014年12月20日(土)
  • 時間:19:30〜
  • 料金:1500円+1drink
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