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[日時]4月17日(土)18:00〜23:00(hanare プレゼンテーション20:00〜)

We are celebrating hanare's 4th year anniversary on April 17th at Kissahanare. Our last 4 years has been a process of forming a small, immediate community around us, community that shares the similar interest. Having found many friends and comrades over the past 4 years, we feel now ready to go a little bit beyond our immediate community. We want to undergo this process by moving to a new location and start working on the idea of creating a "Culture and Social Center" in Kyoto. Our priority here in Japan, where the society is super de-politicized, thus very political act of creating a cultural space is de-politicied, will be first to break the fragmented society, connecting the following issues, food, art, politics, urban planning, cultural theory, farming, in both practice and theory. We eventually hope to create "social movement" in a broader and loose sense, full of creative ideas and tactics that can be appropriated, modified, recycled, and reused by those who are facing the same social situation. Well, while we have a big idea, we will continue to engage with small everyday activity as well.
Please come by on 17th and give us your ideas for our new adventure!

[Date&Time] 2010.4.17(Sat.) 18:00〜23:00 (hanare's presentation starts from 20:00- )
[Location] Kissa hanare
[Admission] 2000 yen (including drink and food)

  • 講師:-
  • 日程:4月17日(土)
  • 時間:18:00〜23:00(hanare プレゼンテーション20:00〜)
  • 料金:2,000円(飲食込み)
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